My photo style comes from years of life experiences. The places I've been and the cultures I've come in contact with all shape the way I shoot and the way I interact with people. I've had the rare privilege to get paid to travel and shoot. And while now my travels have lessened, these experiences have taught me so much.  Here is a list of my favorites:

MENAUS, BRAZIL: Saw a tarantula the size of my head, tasted acai berries off the tree, and pet wild pink dolphins.

DHAKA, BANGLADESH: Rode a Rickshaw and flew in a plane that landed in water.

PARIS and NICE, FRANCE: Saw the Eiffel Tower sparkle at night and bought wine straight

from a Vineyard.

HAWAII: After shooting a wedding, snorkeled the crystal clear waters of Maui (and swam right

by a shark!!!)

MANAGUA, NICARAGUA: Met and photographed children who attend school in a garbage dump.

VATICAN CITY, ROME and CORINTH, ITALY: Saw the David, the Sistine Chapel, Ruins of Corinth and the Coliseum. 

ATHENS, GREECE: Saw the Parthenon and ate Saganaki next to olive groves.

BATH, ENGLAND: Drank tea and ate scones in the Pump Room.

SIERRA LEONE, AFRICA: Mined for diamonds, went to a prophetic conference and had a dance party in the rain with local village kids.

DUBLIN, IRELAND: Toured the Jamison factory, the Guiness factory, and learned to dance a jig.

BOGOTA, COLUMBIA: Shot a wedding in the mountains overlooking the city.

CANCUN, MEXICO: Ate bottomless chips and guacamole while shooting a wedding.

BIDDESTONE, ENGLAND: Stayed in a village that looked straight out of the Hobbit and spent New Years Eve at a pub with strangers who all became friends.

DR/HAITI: Crossed the border on foot, then hopped on the back of a moto to our destination.

PORT AU PRINCE, HAITI: Met the love of my life and got married there on the beach.


Julie Larame